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Trustport USB Antivirus 2012 FINAL I Full Version I 101.78 MB

Trustport USB Antivirus 2012 FINAL I Full Version I 101.78 MB

TrustPort USB Antivirus 2012 Final Incl Key : TrustPort USB Antivirus 2012 - a mobile solution for the secure exchange of data on removable storage media like flash drives or memory cards. Prevents the use of malicious code on the storage media enables you to encrypt files from unauthorized access.

Features TrustPort USB Antivirus 2012 Final Incl Key
 Data protection in any place and at any time
 Protection against viruses and spyware
 Real-Time Protection USB-carriers
 Scanning from any computer
 Automatic updates
 Data Encryption

Product Characteristics
 Anti-virus protection
 When connected to a particular computer will be activated resident protection. This prevents malicious code in the storage environment.

Scanning on demand
 You can start checking the USB-device at any time. If malicious code is detected, the file will be renamed and moved to Quarantine or deleted, depending on your settings.

Proactive protection
 Through regular updates, the antivirus detects the known threat. But every day there are millions of new viruses, worms and Trojans. To detect them in decisions TrustPort apply advanced technologies analyze the behavior of malicious programs, which determine if the object is (a file, document or program) a dangerous or not.

Data Encryption
 This feature allows you to store sensitive data in encrypted form on a USB drive or memory card, which helps prevent loss or theft vashney information.

New in 2012 TrustPort
 • Updates without internet. This allows the use of TrustPort 2012 if there is no access to the Internet.
 • Now maintained by e-mail client THE BAT.
 • Protection parameters TrustPort 2012 password.
 • Protection of local drives and folders
 • a prohibition on the use of USB-drives.
 • Improved handling of encrypted disks.
 • Uprosheno create a Live CD
 • Improve monitoring


See file named "How it works .wmv"


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